Courtyard by Marriott Paramaribo presents the Courtyard Children’s Foundation Suriname

  • The mission of the foundation is to inspire and empower people to value children in Suriname, and bring supporting and mentoring to abused children to impact their lives positively.
  • The hotel is inviting to their guest to collaborate with a $3 donation.

Paramaribo, Suriname (August 2018) The Courtyard Children’s Foundation Suriname come out to raise awareness and provide funds to Surinamese kids in need. “Nothing could be more important for a country than the health and welfare of their children, they represent the future”, commented Egon von Foidl, Managing Director of the Hotel and Chairman of CCFS.

The foundation works directly with several homes in Suriname that support abused, less fortunate and sick kids, and bring support to other organizations of the country that also work with kids in need. The board of CCFS has the mandate and mission to identify kids in need and providing them with the help they need. Projects include: surgery and medical care, mentorship, providing of monthly food supplies, annual school supplies, clothing for children and counseling  for mentally, sexually and physically abused and sick children.

Right now, the hotel is inviting their guest to collaborate by donating $3 per room booking to raise funds for the children and to encourage guests to support any help in providing a better life for the children when visiting Suriname. “We are a young institution with lot of work to do, but we love to know that our guests are being an important part of this change that we’re bringing to the underprivileged kids of Suriname”, said von Foidl.

100% of all donations are dedicated for the children with zero administration deductions 

For more information about the Courtyard Children’s Foundation Suriname, please check the foundations Facebook Page or contact directly the Managing Director Ms. Lorainne Sanmoestawi at or 597-871-5719

The Courtyard Children’s Foundation has adopted 3 children homes:

  • Stg. The Risen Glory ( near Rijsdijk) – 10 kids
  • Stg. Odoniti ( Meursweg) – 25 kids
  • Stg. Matoekoe ( van Hattemweg, Lelydorp) – 65 kids

Stg. The Risen Glory

The Risen Glory Foundation sets itself the goal of representing in the broadest sense of the word all spiritual-, social and material interests of the youth, in particular of vagrant, orphaned and homeless children in Suriname, more particularly in the district of Para.

The foundation has 10 children (age 4- 13 years) live ins who have been sexually and physically abused. One boy was sold twice at the age of 7 by his parents to men for sex. This young boy is now 12 years old and he is doing well at school and is now the man of the house.

The Risen Glory is in need of the following:

  • Food supply
  • Clothes for the 10 children ( 9 boys and 1 girls, age 4-13 years)
  • More bunk beds ( Assuria donated 5 bunk beds already)
  • Basics such as tooth paste, underwear, bath soap
  • Shoes/ slippers
  • Psychologist 
  • Electricity / Water
  • Ownership of the facility (Caribbean Centre)

Stg. Odoniti

Stg. Odoniti was founded on May 22nd 2008 and is established in Meursweg # 154A, District Para.,Stg.Odoniti is a home for children who have been rejected by their family or society, physically and sexually abused & orphans in the age between 4-17 years. At the moment there are 25 children in house.

Stg. Odoniti is need of the following:

  • Monthly food supplies 
  • Shoes/slippers
  • Gardening soil and seeds
  • The ceiling of the main house needs to be replaced
  • The mattresses and bunk beds of the children need to be replaced
  • Bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases & pillows are required
  • A couple of fans as it is very hot in the children rooms
  • Clothes for the children 4-17 years old

Stg. Matoekoe

Stg. Matoekoe is a Remedial Center for children with Autism, Down syndrome and mentally disabled. The term remedial therapy is understood to mean care and assistance provided on the basis of anthroposophy children and adults with a developmental disorder. The term remedial education mean as much as: education that has a healing effect.

Remedial education places great value on an artfully shaped environment, on therapies with an artistic background and on the inner attitude of the therapist as a determining element in the treatment. 

Stg. Matoekoe has a total of 60 children which 15 of them are live-ins and 26 employees. 

The Hall way is full of handmade arts- and craft that the children made, they are beautifully displayed to be marketed. From candles (they make it out of recycled wax) to pottery & paintings. They also make their own paper out the banana trunk so that they can use that as canvas to paint on. All items are for sale.  Stg. Matoekoe also operate their own Green Garden where they grow, morenga trees, Sjuru, Morning Glory (dagoe blad), tayerblad, bitawiri, spinach, peppers & tomatoes. The priority at the moment is the facility of the 15 live-ins as the housing contains Asbestos therefore the total buildings would need to be taken down and newly build.

Stg. Matoekoe in in need of the following ( for the 15 live-ins):

  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Pillow cases
  • Towels
  • Matrasses
  • Sanitary area needs to be renewed
  • Recreation facility needs to be renovated
  • Beds (there are 8 rooms, 2 beds in each room)
  • Wash rooms are not suitable ( as one of the oldest live-in is in a wheel chair)
  • Food supply 

Banking Information for financial contribution:

List all bank accounts with wire instructions:

  • SRD – 50000 -17501
  • USD – 50000 – 17528
  • EURO – 50000 -17536

Bank: RBL


Or cheques or cash donations can be deposited at Courtyard by Marriott attention Director of Finance, Mr. John Costello