Sail into Suriname with your own yacht and you’ll likely end up at Marina Resort Waterland. Suriname’s only full fledged Marina is located some 30 miles upstream from the mouth of the Suriname river. In this lovely fresh water paradise in one of Suriname’s historically rich districts namely Para we find Waterland Marina and Resort on the left bank of the Suriname River.




This Marina offers full service to yachters making it one of the freshest and newest choices for leaving your ship, just south of the hurricane zone.  This new Marina which is the most sophisticated in this region, is truly worth your while when visiting Suriname with your ship. Services range from custom assistance to private dining and all in between.  You’re likely to meet boaters from South Africa , The Netherlands,  New Zeeland,  Australia among others.  The appeal of the country, the district itself, the people and of course the Marina have a soothing  and relaxing effect on even the most avid of yachters.

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For those who newly discover this country and Marina the effect is always the same: one of wanting to stay as long as possible.  With its water front, restaurant and bar facilities and also lodging for those who so desire Marina Resort Waterland has a lot to offer. The distance from town is far enough for those who prefer a relaxed environment, yet close enough for those who prefer a night out on the town or wish to just check out daytime activities in Paramaribo.

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The marina itself offers berths to up to 12 ships at a time and has the ability to handle yachts of up to 90 meters in length. The jetty is equipped to offer electricity, potable water and is of course lighted. Because of the river tides the jetty is a floating one, to accommodate ships and owners with the most comfort at whichever tide is present.  The resort offers beach facilities, which together with the beautiful and cozy houses and the Waterland  Restaurant and Howler Monkey Bar are sure to delight in everyone’s stay, whether one is staying there for an long period with his own yacht or just as a day tourist.


These local guests can now be treated on  the use of SUP’s  (Stand Up Paddle boards) as Waterland is the first to introduce these water recreational toys in Suriname.  Locals are furthermore facilitated by the dock which allows trailers  to be lowered into the river. The Surinamese love their water sports so this brand new dock is a great asset for those using the Suriname River for their leisure. As with all aspects of Waterland , all is done with the utmost respect, privacy and safety of all guests in mind.


The dock is one of the most extensive ones in the country allowing for use even at the lowest tides. When accessing  the resort via the road, the guests will enter through the main  gate, on the driveway leading  through the immaculate gardens and find their way to the water front and the Marina and Restaurant and recreational facilities.  Thoughtful  landscaping  of the lush gardens ensures privacy of the lodges and of those using other  facilities. The large palm trees and others give the resort that unmistakably tropical look and ambiance.  The resort is equipped to handle both locals and yachters, ensuring each their  required services during their stay. The Howler Monkey Bar and Waterland Restaurant each feature chef services to ensure a great dining experience.



The combination of enjoying  the  immaculate  gardens while at the same time being so close to the river front is a unique setting in Suriname and is a must see for those visiting this little  South American Paradise.    In the immediate area there are many aspects of colonial times which can still be enjoyed such as old plantation houses.  The district offers many other options for small day trips giving you a sense of the rest of the country should you want to take a longer trip into the interior.  Waterland is able to provide you with information about the best trips in the country upon request.



Suriname is waiting to be discovered by yachters worldwide wanting to use the Marina facilities of Waterland, to put up their boats for any amount of time in a safe secure and private fashion.  The country offers directs flights to Amsterdam, Trinidad, Curacao among others. This is a big advantage for those leaving their boat for an extended period and flying back home.  So on your next trip to Suriname whether it may be an Atlantic Crossing in your private yacht, or visiting the country by air, be sure to make Waterland Marina and Resort part of your stay

Marina Resort Waterland
Muurvarensweg 52
District Para, Suriname

Information and reservations:
Mobile: (+597) 878-6938 during office hours (08.00 – 17.00)