In July 2019 Popular Places was acquired by the independent publisher Popular Media Group. Whether you are already familiar with this quarterly magazine or view it for the first time, there will be a new breeze to it. Over the past five years Popular Places has drawn many tourists to the native beauty of Suriname, portraying much of its nature’s undiscovered potential. Still known to relatively few and bound to be discovered by many more in coming years.

So far, Popular Places has displayed Suriname’s unique flora and fauna and from next editions on, will add to this by also portraying its rich cultures and moving history. Suriname’s beating hearts lie deep into its immense untouched rainforests and evenly so in its ethnic and cultural diverse population.

Popular Media Group wishes to thank the founder of Popular Places, Sylvie Dutoit for its creation and growth to what it is today. We share the same passion for Suriname and gladly accept ‘the torch’ to take to new heights and we wish Sylvie the best in her new endeavors.

Suriname is one of the worlds few remaining undiscovered gems with its magnificent potential already there. We at Popular Media Group are determined and exited to present Suriname to the world.

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