A dramatic hideaway nestled in the heart of our Surinamese rainforest. Captivating destinations resorts that blends smoothly with its natural surroundings. Situated on the mystical Rivers of Suriname, each villa, or lodge enjoys the embrace of the lush rainforest and offers stunning views from private balcony of the breathtaking jungle. Reconnect with nature, rekindle your spirit and reignite your soul in this serene natural haven.

Most people visit Suriname's inland destinations as part of an organized tour. In such cases, all transport will be arranged for you, often including boat trips and 4x4 road tours. Individual travel is increasingly possible along the rivers, as villages discover the financial benefits of receiving guests. Some stretches can be explored individually without too much effort. Once at your destination you will be handed over to the local transport options - and those are usually quite limited. Often you will only be able to move on foot or by boat. Boat taxis run irregularly between some villages. Never forget where you are however: the jungle is wide and far. Even for shorter hikes into the forest to find a water fall or other sight it's advisable to hire a guide.

Welcome to Suriname! Enjoy its beauty in every way. 

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