The Chinese Temple Fair which Suriname now hosts annually is a colorful and lively expression of the rich cultural history from China which can be found in their performances, the cuisine and arts and handicrafts. The Suriname Temple fair managed to mimic the celebrations found in China in the most well-balanced way with its very own Surinamese twist, which makes this temple fair unique in its own way and we were very delighted to see this beautiful show. 

Apart from our rich culture we also have the beauty of our nature and the importance of it. Like for instance mangrove provide a valuable nursery habitat for fish and crustaceans; a food source for monkeys, deer, birds; and a source of nectar for bats and honeybees. Mangroves are ecosystem engineers that shape, build and maintain the integrity of their surrounding physical environment and protect communities against erosion, waves, and extreme weather events. 

As we all know, Suriname is in an economical crisis, but there are still companies who manage to help the community! A perfect example is Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. & the Ilonka Elmont Foundation. Both are helping people who really need it. We are very proud to show you their projects and hope many companies will follow in their footsteps!! 

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