We are so happy to inform you that we have two new collaborations, one is with SuriFishing and the other one is a city in French Guyana “Ville de Kourou”! 

Suriname is a country where fishing is deeply rooted in the genes of the population. After a week of hard work, people like to take their car and go for a drive, some like to hunt, some like to have fun boating on the river, and others like to sit for hours with their rod & reel hoping to catch te biggest fish!! Anglers always lie about te size of their fish!! That’s a fact!! But this time we have a place nearby Stolkertsijver (between Albina - French Guyana and Paramaribo) where you can catch the King of the Jungle — ANJOEMARA — or where you can reel in a huge tambaqui!! It is really the place to be if one doesn’t want to drive for hours and love to brag about the size of their fish.

Our neighbor country French Guyana has a city named Kourou and has so much to offer for tourists. Not only the CNES, which is the Spacial Centre, but also the biodiversity around the CNES which is highly protected, the prison of Royale Island, the early fresh market, Carnaval and so much more. Kourou has a rich history and culture and is eager to tell you its story!! In need of help to plan your trip? No worries, we are here to help and assist you!! Just make sure you put Kourou on your Bucket list! We will do the rest ... Avec plaisir!!

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