For about 20 years this company has been involved in fish processing, but then this company was not an official family business. The fish processing was done at home, at new Amsterdam in the district Commewijne with 3 workers. Afterwards, with the help of leasing, attempts were made to increase production, with success. The company was given a permanent building on the Gemenelandsweg no 45. With the investments made, this fish processing company, now an official company, has acquired an important position on the local market, which can no longer be ignored in society. The company now has about 45 employees.

NV Habco Fisheries has since October 2012 been ISO 22,000: 2005 certified.


Producing affordable quality fish and fish products that meet international standards. The Surinamese population stimulate to eat fish more often and thereby live healthier. Satisfying customers by offering a variety of both ready-to-cook and prepared fish products.


To produce fish and fish products of good quality and at affordable prices to our customers by:

Increase production and sales.

Trained, motivated and friendly staff

Promotion of our fried fish and snacks

Different training to follow.

Let the staff follow training on the job.

Company structure to adapt to international standards.

Export products to foreign countries, starting with the Caribbean.

Telephone: 426655/520655/425655

Mobile: 08807061


Address: Gemenelandsweg 45 Paramaribo- Suriname

You will find Habco on the Gemenelandsweg almost on the corner of the Hofstraat.

With ample parking possibility.

Accessible by bus: TamKas, line 2.