METS Travel & Tours, established in 1962, is the most experienced travel organization in Suriname.

With two Jungle Lodges, Awarradam and Palumeu, in the Amazon rainforest and Recreation Park Colakreek in the coastal area, METS offers a personalized service, herewith meeting the needs of individual travelers and small groups seeking a unique travel experience. METS offers unique excursions to the untouched tropical rainforest, all-in hotel, transportation and other travel arrangements for both holiday and business travelers who wish to visit Suriname.In addition, METS organizes international tours from Suriname to the most beautiful holiday destinations in South and North America and the Caribbean and clears in cruise ships calling in at Suriname.

Awarradam Tour

Awarradam jungle lodge, an hour by small airplane from Paramaribo, lies on a small idyllic island in the Gran Rio river, hidden in the Amazon rainforest, at the foot of the Awarradam rapid. From here, the trip on the river takes a half hour to the furthest downstream villages of the Saramaccans (descendants of runaway African slaves). A beautiful tour on which you will be able to intensely experience the pristine Amazon rainforest and the culture of the cheerful and hospitable Saramaccans with their ancient old West African traditions from as much as 300 years ago.

Gran Rio Jungle Expedition

An expedition into the pristine Amazon rainforest over the Gran Rio River is a true experience for nature lovers who dare to face a challenge! The tour starts with a flight of an hour to Jungle Lodge Awarradam which offers you a magnificent view over the untouched tropical rainforest of Suriname. During the trip by dug-out canoe from Jungle Lodge Awarradam to the base camp, you pass numerous spectacular rapids. The beautiful and tough jungle treks are greatly rewarded with a breath-taking panorama over the Amazon rainforest. On this tour, far away from the inhabited world, you will fully enjoy the overwhelming flora and fauna. The Gran Rio Jungle Expedition is a real must for adventurers.

Palumeu Tour

Palumeu jungle lodge, a little over one hour by small airplane from Paramaribo, lies deep within the Amazon rainforest, in the living area of the Trio and Wajana Amerindians. You will learn more about the life style of the friendly inhabitants of this particular part of the tropical rainforest who live in full harmony with nature. Your stay is in comfortable jungle lodges with a river view. The beautiful boat trips with visits to majestic rapids and the hikes through the untouched Amazon rainforest will complete this unique experience. 

Kasikasima Jungle Expedition

An expedition to Mount Kasikasima is ideal for nature adventurers who love a challenge! During the trip by dug-out canoe from Palumeu to the base camp, you pass numerous spectacular rapids. The intensive climb to one of the peaks of the mysterious Mount Kasikasima is greatly rewarded with a breathtaking view over the extensive Amazon rainforest. From the beautifully situated base camp you can fully enjoy the overwhelming flora and fauna of the area. A real must and true high point for every adventure lover! 

Colakreek Recreation Park

A nature swim resort in the midst of the beautiful savannah landscape. An ideal place for both children and adults to relax in the refreshing dark water of the creek. Rent of open huts and holiday cabins for overnight stay is also possible. A stay at Colakreek is very informative as well. Visit the Savannah Education Center at the resort and get interesting information about the flora, fauna and history of this area. Colakreek is also ideal for companies and organizations to hold meetings in the fully equipped conference room. / /Fb: / /I:metstraveltour