Kosindo River Lodge has – like almost all lodges along the Upper Surinam and Gran Rio rivers – cabins with private shower and toilet. And tasty, authentic local food, freshly prepared for you. But there is one essential difference: you’re not on an ‘island’ here, you’re not separated from the village and its inhabitants by water, you don’t depend on a canoe to cross the river, no need to wait for a guide to visit the village of Kayana and the surroundings. Moreover, Kayana is situated further south of the other Upper Surinam tourist lodges, resulting in a much more authentic Marroon way of life.

 Kosindo River Lodge and the original Saramaccan village of Kayana form a unity. The lodge is situated directly on the border of the Gran Rio, and Kayana adjoins the lodge. The village women do the laundry next to the lodge in the river, kids swim right under the Kosindo welcoming entrance, villagers come to buy freshly baked buns in the lodge bakery. In this part of the Amazon wood you will become acquainted with the village people and culture. Kayana and the 5 other villages, connected by forest paths, mark the end of the hunting areas and there is less disturbance by the sound of canoe engines. So there is more chance to see and hear birds and other animals. To be surrounded by the mighty Amazon jungle as well as to feel included in this friendly Saramaccan village community: that’s the uniqueness of Kosindo.

No way to feel bored at Kosindo lodge. We organize short and longer boat trips, even with overnight staying in a forest camp, and workshops about local craft and kitchen.

Three times a week (Mo-We-Fr) there is a flight between Paramaribo and the airstrip of Kayana (less than an hour). Kosindo River Lodge can book flights for you. These are even included in some package deals. Would you like to travel in a more adventurous way? Do take the boat then, a canoe. We advise those who are a bit reluctant towards that ‘expedition’ to make the boat trip only to return downstream, about 6 hours all the way to Atjoni, or, even more comfortable, combined with staying overnight in another lodge along the river. We can arrange all that for you.

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