Have you ever wanted to experience the raw jungle but still enjoy the luxury of the modern world? Knini Paati River Resort is the answer! Why? Because we are located in the center of the Ferulasi Sula (Ferulasi Waterrapid) in the Upper Suriname region. We are a small scaled river resort focused on relaxation, enjoying nature and experiencing the authentic culture of the Maroons.

The resort has 6 spacious lodges, each with a balcony, comfortable beds, fans and a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. All the lodges have air-conditioning available in the evening hours. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at set times in our dining room with a view over the pool and the river.
It takes a three hour ride by car, followed by a one hour boat trip, to reach our island. Worth the travel it is, that we assure you! Upon arrival you will be served a delicious lunch, prepared by our local staff. We employ mostly inhabitants from this region as we believe that tourism should be a way of empowering local communities, be it in the form of skills building or economic independence.


After lunch it is check in time! You arrive during the hottest part of the day and we have several options to cope with the heat. A nice ‘dyogo’ (as we call our local Parbo Beer), a swim in our pool or a soothing massage from the water in the Ferulasi Sula will help you get through the warmest part of the day.
We offer a variety of excursions which are part of all the packages we provide. It is our mission to let you experience the authentic culture of the Maroon people who are descendants of enslaved Africans who fled the plantations and the cruelty of slavery.

They have managed to stay true to their traditions which can be witnessed during a nice stroll in one of the neighboring villages and will also be showcased during a performance from local dance group Pasensi Uma (Patient Women). These women don’t just perform. They explain the meaning of their songs and teach the guests the traditional dance routines as well. This results in a nice work out and you will have a good laugh as well!
Are you the more adventurous type? Our 4 day package will suit you because it includes an overnight stay in our jungle camp. A trained guide will hike with you through the jungle for a two hour and a half until the destination is reach.

For one night you will live like the ancestors of the local inhabitants of the region did. Preparing dinner on a wood fire. Bathing in the river. Sleeping in a hammock. Listening to the sounds of the jungle as you fall asleep. Bring a blanket, as the jungle can be very chilly at night.
Any questions? Excited? Would you like to make a reservation? Send us an email via our website or a Whatsapp message. See you soon!

E-mail: kninipaati@gmail.com
Telefoon en What’s App: 00597 885-9355
Telefoon 00597 71 32 592