The Airport Courtesy Service is a great solution for those who want to arrive in Suriname without worries. The service will let you start your journey peaceful and relaxed. Upon your arrival you will be welcomed by a personal assistant who helps you with the quick handling of all customs formalities –all with priority relative to regular passengers.

You will be invited to wait in our very comfortable and modern styled courtesy lounge, which is decorated with comfortable lounge furniture, and its friendly staff-members are always at your service. Enjoy a drink and small bite while you are waiting for your luggage to be unloaded from the plane and until you are ready to be picked up. In the courtesy lounge you’ ll be able to recover from your trip.

For those who want to arrive without any problems, with personal guidance and the usage of luxurious facilities: the Airport courtesy service is definitely something you want to look into. The service is offered to both individual passengers and those who travel in groups. At the moment mostly business people, employees, diplomats and VIP’s are using the service for the small fee of $25,- is available for all other travelers as well. You can not wish for a better start of your Surinamese adventure.

It is very easy to make a registration for this unique service by phone or e-mail. This service will definitely add another dimension to travelling because of the personal attention in combination with the available facilities.

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+597 325113
+597 8955348

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